Science of Coaching Baseball

Jerry Kindall

Playing Better Baseball
Inside tips to improve all areas of your game
Rick Wolff

Complete Conditioning for Baseball
85 Drills and Exercises for Player
Pat Murphy/Jeff Forney

The Craft of Pitching

Larry Jansen & George Jansen

Baseball Defensive Drills

Rod Delmonico

Coaching Baseball Successfully

Andy Lopez

Defensive Baseball

Rod Delmonico

Offensive Baseball Drills
68 Hitting, Baserunning & Team Drills

Red Delmonico

Fit to Pitch

Tom House

The Pitching Edge

Tom House

Heads-up Baseball
Playing the game one pitch at a time

Ken Ravizza, Tom Hanson

Maximizing Baseball Practice

John Winkin

Hit and Run Baseball
Hitting, Running, Bunting, Sliding
Rod Delmonico

Sports Illustrated